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In the implementation of this project, we will develop the following results

I.O.1 Co-Created Methodological Guide

A “Co-Created MethodologicalGuide” (I.O.1) will be developed with the direct participation of Persons with Disabilities (PwD) and other End Users. The main objective is to discuss and agree with them on the definitive contents; approach of training methodologies; and, tools to be integrated in the Training Program, in order to promote inclusion and participation. The project will follow the policy framework established by the UNCRPD (UN, 2006) in Articles 8 and 19, among others.

I.O.2 Timebanking Training Activities​

A set of “Timebanking Training Activities” (I.O.2) will be designed, including Face-to-Face and Online Training Activities, to enhance the experiential training of People with Disabilities (PwD) and their Supports (professionals, relatives, community members, etc...). In this way, the trainees will develop the targeted competences, through the creation of a real Timebank; and/or the participation in other existing Timebanks. Guidelines will be developed to support Trainers in the implementation of the “Timebanking Training Activities”, as part of this output.

I.O.3 Training Materials

A set of “Training Materials” (I.O.3) adapted to People with Disabilities (PwD) and their Supports, on how to increase inclusion and participation through Timebanking (TB); it will be developed to be used along the implementation of the “Timebanking Training Activities” (I.O.2).

I.O.4 CAPABILITY-TB e-Training Tool

A “CAPABILITY-TB e-Training Tool” (I.O.4) will be developed for supporting the implementation of the Timebanking Training Activities” (I.O.2); including the option of creating an online Timebank, where trainees will train themselves, in the competences needed to participate and to enhance their social inclusion.


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Training Activities & Multiplier Events

Throughout the project, the following co-creation and training actions will be developed.

2 co-creation sessions will be developed, by each country. With the participation of persons with disabilities, families, professionals and experts in sharing economy and TimeBanks; and, to agree on the line of development (implementation, methodology and tools) of the CAPABILITY-TB program. (January-February 2021)

Train the trainers for the good implementation of the Capability-TB Training Program (February 2022)

Train the trainers developed for the Capability-Tb training program promoting the good management of these resources. (February 2022)

Train the trainers for the acquisition of competencies and proper implementation of the Capability-TB; there will be an e- Platform, where all training resources will be available. (February 2022)

Train the trainers on the TimeBank’s e-Platform, for the proper management and dynamization of this resource. Thus, promoting the participation and collaboration of persons with disabilities with their support network. (February 2022)

Capability-Tb Training Program’s Validation Sessions, in order to check the effectiveness and efficiency of the program; and, to make the necessary adjustments. (May-August 2022)


In October 2022, all partners will organize a multiplier event, in their countries, in order to publicize and disseminate the results of the project. By promoting its transfer and use to other organizations and other contexts.

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